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Er historien om 2. verdenskrig: Et globalt bedrag?

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Ble Medlem: 16 Aug 2008
Innlegg: 2565
Bosted: Norge

InnleggSkrevet: 03 04 10 00:16    Tittel: Er historien om 2. verdenskrig: Et globalt bedrag? Svar med Sitat

A short introduction to this archive

This Tribunal (Nürnberg prosessen) was part of the US and other Allied governments efforts to determine the responsibility for WWII and bring to account those who committed crimes against humanity. Between 1945 and 1948 several of these trials were held in the Palace of Justice in the German city of Nuremberg, hence its name.

The Tribunal consisted of a series of 13 trials, the first one against the “main war criminals” was entitled “The USA, France, United Kingdom and USSR v. Hermann Goering et al.” This trial took place between 1945 and 1946 and ended with long prison sentences or the death penalty for most of the perpetrators.

Interestingly, it was this first trial against the political and military figureheads of the Nazi regime that has been generally portrayed as “The Nuremberg Tribunal.” This is historically inaccurate. Moreover, it has deflected attention away from the real “war criminals” who, with their economic power, had financed the rise of the Nazis and the preparation for WWII.

Historic Failures

"IG Farben was Hitler and Hitler was IG Farben"

US Senator Homer T. Bone to the US Senate Committee on Military Affairs on June 4, 1943

Because of the paramount role of IG Farben in financing the rise of the Nazis and the preparation for WWII as a conquest war of global markets, the Nuremberg trial against IG Farben Industries documented on this web site was by far the most important one among the thirteen trials that made up the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

The US prosecution during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals made clear that neither the rise of the Nazis, nor WWII nor the holocaust would have been possible without the financial and logistical support of IG Farben.

Today, more than six decades since the end of WWII, mankind has yet to solve one of the greatest riddles: How come that none of the international organizations that set out to preserve the memory of this war and the holocaust has not pointed their fingers at these historic facts?

Until today these organizations chose neither to publish the important proceedings of the decisive Nuremberg trial against IG Farben nor the tens of thousands of pages of trial evidence connecting this chemical/pharmaceutical cartel to these crimes against humanity.

It was the US Prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Crimes trial against IG Farben, Telford Taylor, who stated in 1947 that if the responsibility of the economic interests behind WWII – namely the oil and drug cartel – would not be brought to the daylight, they will cause even more harm in future generations than the Nazis ever could.

Global Deception
Telford Taylor, US-Chief Prosecutor, in his Opening Statement in the trial against IG Farben (BAYER, BASF, Hoechst) executives at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 1947:

The “spin masters” of history want to make us believe that the entire tragedy of WWII was the result of one political leader with a psychopathic personality.

They tell us that this alleged lunatic was able to seduce millions of German people to follow him like the Pied Piper into ......the abyss.

But the Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal of 1947/48 records document that WWII was planned and prepared in the headquarters of IG Farben in Frankfurt, Germany:

The Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal records document that already in 1936 – 3 years before WWII started – IG Farben executives were responsible for preparing the so called “4 year plan” – the master plan for the conquest of Europe. One of those responsible for the plan: IG Farben chairman Carl Krauch. In every country taken over by Hitler’s army, IG Farben received the entire chemical and petrochemical industries at zero cost.

Headquarters of IG Farben (left). IG Farben’s directors, including CEO Schmitz (right), kept in close contact to their political puppets.

The plan of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition had three
stages: first, mainland Europe; second, the UK and its
colonies; third, the US and the rest of the world.

The Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal documents that it was IG Farben that built the Auschwitz concentration camp into a giant forced labor and extermination site. Hundreds of thousands of slave laborers were forced to construct “IG Auschwitz” – the largest industrial plant in Europe at that time and a four-mile march away from the concentration camp. The camp and the plant cost IG Farben nearly one billion Reichsmark (about $10 billion in today’s currency) and was financed by Deutsche Bank. IG Farben director Fritz Ter Meer (top right) was sentenced in Nuremberg in connection with Auschwitz for genocide, slavery and other crimes against humanity.


Introduction for schools and colleges:
"Without IG Farben, WWII would not have been possible!"

Since the establishment of this online academy, we were faced with an overwhelming interest from political, corporate and academic institutions. Particularly interested in these documents were schools and universities from around the world. Apparently, these pages contain information about one of the most important chapters in world history, the Second World War, that cannot be found anywhere else in the history books.

In response to this growing interest from the younger generation and from future decision takers, we have added to this online academy a document that summarizes on about 150 pages the corporate interests behind World War II: The "Report on the Investigation of IG Farben Industry AG" prepared by the "Office of the Military Government U.S. (Germany)" under Colonel GSC Bernard Bernstein.

Read the original report as prepared by Col. Bernstein or the official version as published in the Records of U.S. Congress
"Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate." - Thomas Jones
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Ble Medlem: 26 Mai 2010
Innlegg: 25

InnleggSkrevet: 06 06 10 23:34    Tittel: Svar med Sitat

Nå var vistnok WW1 også planlagt spill.
Om du ser på alliansesystemet de hadde den gang var det lagt opp til å
bli krig i hele Europa.

Det hele dreide seg vistnok om å presse forløperen til FN, The League of Nations frem så de kunne bruke det som et overformyndede organ (samt styrte tsaren i Russland og få kommunistene til makta), men siden det feilet trengte de WW2 for å presse frem United Nations og NATO.

For moro skyld:

Tallet 11 er hellig i frimurerlosjen.
Frimurerne skrøt av å ha starta WW1 sier de.
WW1 ble avsluttet 11.11 (1918) klokken 11
If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal
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Ble Medlem: 25 Jan 2009
Innlegg: 622

InnleggSkrevet: 06 06 10 23:49    Tittel: Svar med Sitat

Underforumet Historie - som vi nå befinner oss i - er ment for seriøse tråder

Konspirasjonsteorier som denne trådens tema tar opp hører hjemme i Konspirasjonsasylet

Plassert i historieavdelingen er den direkte forsøplende
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Ble Medlem: 22 Feb 2008
Innlegg: 82
Bosted: Akershus

InnleggSkrevet: 15 09 10 21:58    Tittel: Svar med Sitat

caellaigh skrev:
Underforumet Historie - som vi nå befinner oss i - er ment for seriøse tråder

Konspirasjonsteorier som denne trådens tema tar opp hører hjemme i Konspirasjonsasylet

Plassert i historieavdelingen er den direkte forsøplende

Du er utrolig flink til å jamre deg og klage over innlegg som skriver om noe annet, enn dine private oppfatninger.
Hva består konspirasjonsteorien her av? (Nürnbergprosessens aktors påpekning, at uten IG Farben ville 2. verdenskrig vært umulig?)

The corporate preparations for World War II started as early as 1925, when Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other German multinationals formed a cartel called “IG Farben Industry”.
The declared goal of this cartel was to obtain control of the global markets in the key industrial sectors of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.
Already in 1925, when this cartel was founded, its corporate value surpassed 11 billion Reichsmark and it employed more than 80,000 people

US Prosecutor Telford Taylor summarized the role of this chemical cartel during the Nuremberg Tribunal in the following way: without IG Farben, the Second World War would not have been possible.

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